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Your Image To The World Matters

Michelle Renee has a  simple philosophy is simple…style over trend. incorporating a fresh and unique perspective to your look.

Superficial as it sounds,  images counts – clothing and accessories at all levels show what you’ve got and where you want to go. When you dress in a way that lets people know you have a sense of security, and present yourself in a professional manner, it make a huge difference. How you look does say a lot about you – whether you’re lazy, whether you have flair, or whether you’re creative. The first thing anyone sees is how you look – attire and personal grooming. Paying attention to details like handbags, cuff links, coiffed hair, manicured nails tells an employer or client you’ll pay attention to details at work.

See wardrobe and accessories and evolve a sense of unique fashionable personal style as a part of your power, a way to convey who you are, what you do, where you are going and how high you can climb. Focusing on appearance as a part of one’s career strategy sounds superficial – we should be judged for our intelligence and experience, not for our styles. Truth or myth?… Will someone really want to listen to you if you look dull, boring, meek, frumpy and ungroomed? Why should they assume anything that comes out of your mouth is interesting?

The biggest mistake for the ambitious woman or man, in fact, is to completely underestimate the power of image. Spending countless hours on education, networking, writing papers, perfecting craftsmanship, getting credentials, and taking workshops – anything to stay competitive and get ahead, many times overlooking the visual resume is a big mistake. Image is a big part of the package. Thinking intensely about what to wear to work, meeting,  presentation or social event is very important. You should carefully and deliberately dress the part.

When you walk into a room and they see you, what follows after has to be connected to how you look. Making the effort to present your best self shows respect for your employer, associates,  your job,  your industry, and the career strata you aspire to. The journey sometimes requires you to dress for where you want to be, while keeping in mind the task – and audience. When you dress professionally you feel more suited for the job. You will feel authority, the professionalism and the respect internally, as well project that out onto the world.