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Seven Steps to Vibrant Youthful Hair

As hair density changes, your instinct may be to load up on products and styling time – wrong!! many women & men with hair density change , think ” now i must do a lot more to make my hair look fuller, vibrant & healthier. Conditioning treatments more frequent, color more often which creates a shadow illusion of a fuller mane, less heat styling services, prolonging chemical treatments, get a body building perm, special sleeping accessories, or they will buy a special brush and give their hair a hundred strokes a day….yes men & women practice many rituals to ensure the hair that remains does just that along with being optimistic sluggish or non functioning follicles regain active function.

DO NOT FUSS OR STRESS – This will only produce systemic trauma that can cause more shock to body functions. Rather than brushing your hair a hundred strokes a day, aim for the opposite: brush your hair as less as possible. Choose a brush with broad – round based bristles, hair snags, pulls, scalp scratches & surface irritation are minimal if any, the less you handle your hair, the less damage you will cause.

SHAMPOO AT THE ROOTS – The main purpose is to cleanse the scalp in order to prevent dandruff and scalp infections. Shampooing actually damages the hair shaft, ruffing up the cuticle, so scrubbing/aggressive motion to your hair will make it less, not more beautiful & healthy in appearance. Instead, gently rub shampoo into your scalp, work into a lather, when you are ready to rinse, the lather will have the trickle down affect through the rest of your hair along with gentle hand motion, this action will release product residue, dust, oils, etc. from hair shaft. With shorter hair, the concept is the same – the scalp is the first line of defense for healthy follicle function. Every 2 -3 days, weekly or bi – weekly is best depending on product usage, lifestyle, occupation, etc.

CONDITION AFTER EVERY WASH – This tames the mane, makes hair more manageable & visually smoother. If conditioner gives your hair the “limp” effect, apply it only to the ends. Fact – conditioner should never be massaged into the roots which actually have enough of “hairs” natural conditioner (sebum). Should conditioner be placed on the scalp, be sure to rinse well to prevent clogged sebaceous oil glands which can cause sluggish or non- functioning glands which can result in density change/ hair loss. Should hair have a conditioner residual feel,  use a combination mixture of 25% shampoo and 75% water in a applicator bottle for a soap cap rinse which will leave hair non weighted feeling.

DOUSE WITH DIMETHICONE – This wonder ingredient, a silicone which coats each shaft and act as a lubricant. By reducing friction between strands, it minimizes tangles and damage. A great protective benefit for thinning tresses. Dimethicone adds shine and reduces frizz as well. Being it is such a great smoothing agent, you will find it in hair products from styling finishing serums, gels & sprays to shampoo, conditioners & mask. The majority percentage is in styling products and leave – in treatments, like the winning Michelle Renee professional signature styling, serums & leave in conditioners such as: Silk Polisher, Silk Spray Shine, Hydration Essence, Keratin Hydration Amino Silk Spray, Keratin Hydration Silk Serum.

STICK TO A ROUTINE – Caring for your hair is not a one – shot deal…the Dimethicone, other smoother’s, conditioners, mask and/or other styling aides only last until your next shampoo. So with every wash, daily routine ritual, being consistent in repeating a disciplined regimen is a good recipe for hair & scalp health care. For the silkiest, shiniest hair, deposit multiple layers/applications of smoother’s by using a daily styling product, every few days, weekly or bi – weekly deep conditioner, mask serum treatment. Routines will vary based on desire, styles, results & life styles. Great pairing examples:

o Michelle Renee’s Professional Signature – Silk Soy Conditioner With Hydration Essence Leave In Conditioner