San Francisco Elite Lifestyle Management.
Signature Grooming,
Hair Styling, Visual Wardrobe Refinement, Luxury Essentials, Elegant Extension Specialist/ Non Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions for Women, Men, Etiquette Posturing/Demeanor Confidant,

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Let’s Shop Together

Spend a day with Michelle Renee and enjoy a personal shopping spa day to enhance your wardrobe capsule and accessories.  Whether it be a day of shopping in SF Union Square or through the amazing boutiques of Hayes Valley, Pacific Heights or The Marina, Michelle Renee will help you locate the best components to accent your unique style and look for you. On location services available at any destination around the globe.

RATES & SERVICES FOR VISUAL IMAGING ENHANCEMENT – Women and Men•OUT OF THE CLOSET – Evaluation of your existing wardrobe/accessories as well suggestions for developing/enhancing goals for the new, clarifying core beliefs about personal perceptions and accentuating your unique personal style:  $350.00 hourly (minimum 2 hours)

•STYLISH AFTERNOON – Shopping for items to develop your desired image and personal style:  ( 4 hours)

•MILE HIGH DAY OF STYLE – Full day of shopping together with lunch included:   (8 hrs)

•RETAINING STYLE THERAPY – Periodic meetings to review purchases, seasonal needs, and refresh your style:  $3500.00 (for the month of and 20% of purchases)

•STYLISH GIFT GIVING – Give “visual imaging and style therapy” to your spouse, employee, or simply someone special: select desired package listed above.

• PERSONAL CONCIERGE Service $350.00 per hour.

•AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL On Location /3 rd Eye Management: minimum of 5 hours daily – plus hotel accommodations / business class and all needed transportation services via air/car service.

•GROUP PRESENTATIONS for corporate, athletes, social clubs – women or men, social elite and blessed to be kept chosen ones: interactive opportunity to work together as a group of individuals that understand the power of presentation is important. Time will be spent determining specific “looks” personality, lifestyle, occupation, body type, hair style, best asset, garments/clothing, accessories  that will develop the optimum desired look and a wealth of information to assist each person develop their individual “visual image and personal style”. Absolutely positive, enjoyable, refreshing and rewarding for those that are ready to make the visual difference: $7500.00. 8 persons. 9am – 5pm. Informational manual included. All other expenses are responsibility of interested group(s)

•PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Visa, MasterCard, AX, Discover, Debit Card, Cash, Cashier Checks, Bank Wires, Direct Deposit. All purchases are secured by client’s/business credit card or prior deposited authorization