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Help for Hair Loss

As a San Francisco hair stylist and hair care consultant, Michelle Renee works with men and women of all ages and background to help remedy hair loss issues and inform about available options  at the beautiful Echos Hair Salon in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown Union Square and Financial districts.  Come in today for a private consultation to discuss the best human hair  non surgical hair replacement options available for a more confident you.

By the time hair loss is noticeable, you have already lost about 30%. The more you have lost, the less likely you will be to have regrowth. Remedies are more effective in helping you have that stimulating follicles that have been inactive for long periods. In short, if you think something is amiss, get to a doctor fast….here are a few FYI tips how a professional can assist you in discovery:

  • CHECK YOUR HORMONES – High testosterone levels cause balding in men and in women alike. Getting a measurement of male hormones can be especially useful in women who may have/had polycystic ovary syndrome or other conditions tied to elevated levels. To lower them, patients can sometimes benefit from birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. Men have similar options for balancing all hormone levels that may be too high or low that could be causing sudden density changes.


  • DISCUSS WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN-Currently there are many hair replacement drugs on the marketplace that have shown benefit to those facing hair loss.  Each person is different so discussing your current health and nutrition with a trained professional is a great option to see what will work best for you.


  • WATCH FOR ADVANCEMENTS – Last Year, a team at Columbia University published their findings for 139 generic makers for hair loss. While a magic pill is not around the corner, doctors are hopeful. There is an active research in progress and better solutions will be available in five to 10 years – I am confident of this fact