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Hair Styling, Visual Wardrobe Refinement, Luxury Essentials, Elegant Extension Specialist/ Non Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions for Women, Men, Etiquette Posturing/Demeanor Confidant,

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Meet Michelle Renee

Michelle Renee is a Visual Image Consultant in the beauty industry for professional women and men utilizing her years of expert advice and assistance for wardrobe, hair, personal grooming, make up and core energy assessments of self. Ms. Renee works with clients that understand the power of visual presentation 365 days a year as well as knowing it is a life style “state of mind” which is essential to self love and personal empowerment. Michelle Renee has always had a unique passion and presence which magnetizes individuals of their self desire for — excellence both personally and professionally.

Sincerely personable with a strong gift of discernment and intuition, Michelle Renee is able to consult clients with sensitivity that inspires absolute change of core beliefs about personal image and style. Clients both look and feel better from the inside out.

Consulting for total look imaging and lifestyle strategies for men and women is what Michelle Renee does best. Ms. Renee attained her experience and knowledge employed in the entertainment, corporate and sports industry compromised of behind the scenes wardrobe,  total image presentation,  posture,  core vibrations, and grooming consultations inclusive of hair, make-up, health maintenance regimes,  and color analysis for skin tone for best complimenting hues. Personal Concierges has become a must service for her unique sphere of professionals that understand the importance of overall visual presentation for relevance and significance..

Her philosophy and belief is that “excellence is excellent” and image is priceless.  Michelle Renee’s advanced training,  freelance experience,  and world travels have enhanced her understanding of global styles, views and opinions.

As a professional Consultant, Ms. Renee supports enhancing oneself which simplifies the “mental mountain” of a makeover.  Michelle Renee continues to be professionally and socially active supporting charity events as a generous Board committee member of the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary, Stuart House/John Varvatos Los Angeles,  San Francisco Zoological Society Auxiliary and California Donate-A-Meal.

Michelle Renee is available for both local and travel assignments both in the U.S. and internationally.

Lifestyle Strategist Concierge

“What you may not be aware about Michelle Renee is that I have assisted clients both here in the Bay Area and traveling globally to make their lives easier for :

+ Business Presentations
+ Client Fellowship
+ Streamlining Schedules
+ Lodging Accommodations
+ Transportation — Air/Ground
+ Tasking To Do List
+ Personal Shopping
+ Planning Social Indulgences Per VIP Sporting
+ Entertainment, Arts, Dining and More.

As a professional Visual Image, Lifestyle Strategist Concierges. Ms. Renee supports enhancing oneself which simplifies the “mental mountain” of a makeover. Not only do I empower my clients with their personal style, I also assist in creating great lifestyle options for my clients by freeing their time to be the best professional they can be in their industry of expertise along with meshing enjoyable social moments for business and pleasure experiences…Best of both worlds.

Whether you need my services here in the San Francisco area or for an on location/destination business travel assignment, enjoy having your own personal concierge assist you to evolve in life with less stress.

Ease & Effortless Organic Flow Is The Ultimate Goal For Living In The 21st Century..

Education and Training:

University of Washington – Business Management
Beauty institute – Advanced training of artistry of beauty – inclusive of hair, skin maintenance, make up and beauty refinement grooming for women and men.
Entertainment/sports industry – All task inclusive of visual appearance…… on the job character illusion creation — varied projects in film, TV, print, videos, commercial
Corporate America – refinement visual consultations – services for women and men in leadership or top tier management position.
Certified Bill Blass New York – Consultant; extensive fashion training, fabric design and origin knowledge, body type-fitting, foundation shape concepts, character style assessment and principal rules of wardrobe investment ethics.