Your Image To The World Matters

Michelle Renee has a  simple philosophy is simple…style over trend. incorporating a fresh and unique perspective to your look. Superficial as it sounds,  images counts – clothing and accessories at all levels show what you’ve got and where you want to go. When you dress in a way that lets people know you have a […]

Let’s Shop Together

Spend a day with Michelle Renee and enjoy a personal shopping spa day to enhance your wardrobe capsule and accessories.  Whether it be a day of shopping in SF Union Square or through the amazing boutiques of Hayes Valley, Pacific Heights or The Marina, Michelle Renee will help you locate the best components to accent […]

Help for Hair Loss

As a San Francisco hair stylist and hair care consultant, Michelle Renee works with men and women of all ages and background to help remedy hair loss issues and inform about available options  at the beautiful Echos Hair Salon in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown Union Square and Financial districts.  Come in today for […]

Seven Steps to Vibrant Youthful Hair

As hair density changes, your instinct may be to load up on products and styling time – wrong!! many women & men with hair density change , think ” now i must do a lot more to make my hair look fuller, vibrant & healthier. Conditioning treatments more frequent, color more often which creates a shadow illusion of a […]