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Hair Styling, Visual Wardrobe Refinement, Luxury Essentials, Elegant Extension Specialist/ Non Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions for Women, Men, Etiquette Posturing/Demeanor Confidant,

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Michelle RenéeMichelle Renee, formerly of Salon D’Fray of Beverley Hills, is a San Francisco-based Personal Concierge, Lifestyle Strategist, Grooming/Makeup, Wardrobe/Accessories Style Consultant, and Hair Specialist available for local and global engagements. For those looking to enhance their personal style through a new look, or seeking to access assistance to help create an easier life/style, Michelle Renee has over 20 years of successful client experience.

Michelle Renee offers men and women personal advice and services for unique lifestyle options from a broad brush range of wardrobe and accessory components, hair styling,  grooming, tonal color compliments for attire and makeup, non-surgical hair replacement options also extensions, and “Total Look” visual image presentation recommendations. A personal concierge and beauty professional consultant, servicing clients in San Francisco and around the globe, Michelle Renee provides an easy and effortless lifestyle flow. Enabling clients to enjoy the efficiency advantage of a personal concierge, Michelle Renee also assists her clients with all their professional and personal desires, inclusive of schedule streamlining, task management, shopping, arranging special events and meetings as well 3rd eye management with their lifestyle strategies to make their lives more beautiful, efficient, and enjoyable.

If you are looking for more ease in your life, San Francisco Personal Concierge Michelle Renee is the professional to call to streamline your calendar, complete errands, organize and implement any project you need completed whether it be in SF or around the globe. As a lifestyle strategist, Michelle Renee is available to take the stress out of your everyday chaos.

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From formal to casual, Michelle Renee is a style icon assisting men and women around San Francisco, the Bay Area and around the globe as a personal shopper and fashion stylist. Finding the best wardrobe options and accessories best matched for your personal style. From Union Square SF,  Southern California  LA, to the streets of NYC Soho and many destinations Globally, Michelle Renee will help find the right style for you.

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Michelle Renee formerly of Salon D’Fray of Beverly Hills, is a San Francisco-based stylist with over 20 years experience creating beautiful hair, makeup and grooming looks for men and women. From hair styling to hair extensions and makeovers,  Schedule An Appointment at her beautiful SF Studio in downtown Union Square to create a stunning new visual image.

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